About us

Paul & Nadia

We are Paul, Nadia, Samuel, Lochlann, Darrach and Thomas, “une famille recomposée”. Welcome to La Maison des Amis.

We have traveled extensively throughout the world and have setup La Maison des Amis to cater primarily for families, with all the comforts of home.

Paul has worked in the software industry since 1986, and is a founder at Structure101.

Nadia previously worked as a tour guide in South America and now teaches Spanish at the lycée in Gaillac.

Samuel, Lochlann, Darrach and Thomas are all at collège. When they can drag themselves away from the PlayStation, they play drums, handball, football and tennis.

When we are not taxi-ing the boys around, we are happy to do what’s necessary to make your stay more comfortable.

+33 5 63 41 87 32

+33 6 13 33 65 33 (Nadia)

+33 6 18 51 23 85 (Paul)

Boys in Gallicia
Fine photography from Andrew Condon, Paddy Benson, and Tom Ryan. Further attributions to come.